Alice White

College: Homerton

Year of Study: 1st Year

Course: MPhil Basic and Translation Neuroscience

Hometown: Bradford, UK

Previous School: Hillcrest High School, Hamilton, New Zealand

Previous University: UCLA


Why Basic and Translation Neuroscience?

It is predominantly a research course and I therefore have the opportunity to go to any lectures and seminars that will make my project the best it’ll be. Neuroscience is fairly new field and therefore researchers are only in the early stages of understanding the immense complexity of the brain and it is great to be involved in tackling the biggest questions of modern day science.

Beyond the boat..

I’ve played a lot of sports growing up, in particular, I love to run and play netball, volleyball, football, hockey, badminton and squash. I also love exploring new places and like to ride a few miles to find a quaint secret spot to read and drink coffee.

Rowing experience

I have been rowing for 8 years and am always inspired by those who have overcome such serious challenges to get to where they are now such as Sir Steve Redgrave or Blake Leeper, Ellen DeGeneres or Helen Clark. Therefore, when I am going through a tough training session or when I’m working hard on a deadline, I know that I’ve always got more to give because others have overcome greater before me.