Amy Chodorowski

College: St Catharine’s

Year of Study: 4th Year

Course: MEng Engineering

Hometown: Wokingham, UK

Previous School: The Holt


Why Engineering?

My Mum and Dad met during their Chemical Engineering degrees, my Uncle is a Civil Engineer and my brother is training as an apprentice at an Engineering firm so it sort of runs in the family! I love Engineering because you can, with a few equations and laws, model the world around you to help make important and innovative decisions. Currently I am working with the British Olympic Cycling team to model the Team Pursuit so that we can optimise a winning strategy.

Why Cambridge?

Cambridge is a beautiful place and I love how bike-centric it is.

Beyond the boat..?

I love cycling and have done a riding tour form London to Paris. My next aim is to cycle around Europe next summer visiting all the main capitals on the way.

I’m also part of the Cambridge University Air Squadron, a society associated with the RAF. With them I have sailed around the Mediterranean and hiked in Iceland but my favourite thing was to learn how to fly a plane and I have now achieved my first solo!

Rowing Experience

I’ve been rowing for 3 years and in that time I have been the Women’s captain as well as having a go at coxing and coaching.