Ashton Brown

College: Fitzwilliam

Year of Study: 2nd Year

Course: PhD in Education

Hometown: Calgary, Canada

Previous School: United World College of the American West

Previous University(ies): Princeton University, University of Ottawa


Why a PhD in Education?

My undergraduate degree was in Economics but I realised that my specific interest was the way that Education can help mediate poverty. The faculty of Education allows me to combine my love of data and statistics with this topic and have the flexibility to work with professors from different backgrounds.

Why Cambridge?

The faculty at Cambridge allows me the flexibility to include research from Psychology, Education and Economics and coming to Cambridge has allowed me to broaden my knowledge of Educational Psychology as well as giving me the resources to pursure exactly the PhD that I wanted. I love Cambridge because you meet so many different people with an immense variety of interests.

Beyond the Boat..

I love to work wherever I want and therefore sometimes I will go to a coffee shop in the morning and a different one in the afternoon.


The CUWBC squad is my family and support network whilst I’m in the UK. The team are always there for each other and ready for a laugh. There is also a feel of a bigger community than just the squad as there is such a great network of alumni in Cambridge and London so you feel like you are part of something greater than just a team.