Beth Forsyth

College: Magdalene

Year of Study: 4th Year

Course: MSci Natural Sciences

Hometown: Stamfordham, UK

Previous School: Ponteland Community high School


Why Natural Sciences?

I am studying Systems Biology in particular, which is a unique opportunity to combine the challenges of biology with a more mathematical approach.

Why Cambridge?

Cambridge is a great place to learn new things from other people who are passionate about completely different things to you. There is also the chance to try new things such as rowing!

Beyond the boat..

I have dabbled in basketball and netball in the past and love cycling around the Northumbrian countryside when I am at home. I love being creative and last year I got really into knitting – I made far too many hats to force onto my friends and family. I’m also a member of Magdalene’s non-audition choir, Voxsoc, which is great fun.


I started rowing when I joined Cambridge as a fresher, three years ago. By my second year I was hooked and determined to be the best I could, becoming women’s captain last year which was a great achievement for me. Now, at CUWBC, I’m looking forward to challenging myself to step up another gear to see what I am capable of.