Claire Lambe

College: Homerton

Year of Study: 1st Year

Course: MPhil Engineering

Hometown: Dublin, Ireland

Previous School: Loreto College

Previous University: University College Dublin


Why Engineering?

My MPhil focuses on Engineering for sustainable development. I have a background in renewable energy and have a desire for a career that has a positive impact on the planet. I love the diverse backgrounds of all the students on my course – it’s fascinating to meet so many people from different parts of the world.

Why Cambridge?

Cambridge is a small compact city that is so easy to get around by bike and I love all the beautiful buildings and parks.

Beyond the boat..

I used to like playing basketball and tennis and I still love going for runs! I also love to meet with my friends for coffee and cake.


I have been rowing for 11 years now. Rowing has had an amazingly positive impact on my life and I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for the sport. I particularly love being part of CUWBC as it is great to share the same goals as other girls and I know that they will get me through the tough parts of university life.