Dorottya Nagy

College: Churchill

Year of Study: 3rd Year

Course: BA Veterinary Medicine

Hometown: Budapest, Hungary

Previous School: Dubai College


Why Veterinary Medicine?

I grew up in a family of Vets and was also surrounded by animals. My parents aspirations were and still are incredibly inspirational to me and was a major factor as to why I chose Veterinary Medicine – although ironically they wanted me to do something else!

Why Cambridge?

Of course Cambridge is a fantastic University and therefore a degree from here will inevitably help me to get a job in the real world. The course at Cambridge is great because it has a specific scientific focus which allows students to go into research if they wish. Cambridge is full of brilliant like-minded and driven people and they make it a great place.

Beyond the boat..

Cambridge is also a great place to socialise so I love to go for lunch and the theatre with my friends.


I enjoy spending so much time with these amazing girls and making some unforgettable memories with them – CUWBC is a second family for me.