Ellie Hopgood

College: Girton

Year of Study: 3rd Year

Course: BA Natural Sciences

Hometown: Oxford, UK

Previous School: The Cherwell School


Why Natural Sciences?

I chose to study Natural Sciences because I loved how broad and flexible the degree is. This turned out to be a great decision for me, as despite studying pure chemistry and maths in my first year I’ve ended up focusing on psychology and neuroscience for my final exams and will be writing a dissertation on the neuropsychology of addiction.

Why Cambridge?

Beyond how much I wanted to do the Natural Sciences degree, Cambridge is a very prestigious university and I wanted to study in the best possible place I was offered. The combination of a course I loved and one of the world’s leading universities was obviously very appealing! The thing I like most about Cambridge is the people – I love how driven and interesting everyone is.t.


The women at CUWBC are unlike any other group of people I’ve ever been able to work with. The experience of training and racing so intensely really does create strong relationships. Outside of my amazing teammates, I love how being a part of CUWBC is so intense. Even when it is tough, there is always an underlying sense that this process is worthwhile, because anything that makes you feel so intensely is very special.

I’ve never been so confident that I’m pushing my limits and getting the most out of myself and I credit my time with CUWBC as one of, if not the, most formative experience of my life so far.