Emma Andrews

College: Pembroke

Year of Study: 1st Year

Subject: Natural Sciences

Hometown: Putney, UK

Previous School: Putney High School


Why Natural Sciences?

I chose this course as it gives such a broad base in Science and then allows you to specialist later on. Although I am a fresher, I am already excited to maybe take Astrophysics in my third year.

Why Cambridge?

Cambridge has a great atmosphere – there is something very friendly about each individual college. As students we should feel lucky that we get to live in such beautiful buildings – it is a unique University experience.

Beyond the Boat..

In my spare time I love to bake and I also love cycling – it’s a great form of cross training and you can take advantage of the good weather in the summer and explore new places.


I have been rowing for 6 years now but am looking forward to joining a much bigger squad and a great community of girls at CUWBC.