Fenella McLuskie

College: St John’s

Year of Study: 3rd Year

Course: BA Natural Sciences

Hometown: Tunbridge Wells, UK

Previous School: The King’s School, Canterbury


Why Natural Sciences?

I am specialising in Psychology after doing two years of Philosophy. I’ve chosen Psychology because there is so much about human behaviour and the brain that we still don’t know so it is really interesting to learn about it – I love the mystery. I am looking to study Law next!

Why Cambridge?

I fell in love with Cambridge the first time I visited. It reminds me a lot of Canterbury, which is where I went to school.

Beyond the boat..

When I was younger I really enjoyed fencing and I go sailing every summer with my family. I would love to go paragliding so that’s next on my list! I also love cooking with my friends in my spare time.

Rowing experience

I began rowing 2 years ago with my college. My Grandad is my inspiration as we have the same mentality – there is no second place, it’s first or nothing!