Holly Hill

College: Downing

Year of Study: 3rd

Course: BA Human, Social and Political Sciences

Hometown: Gossington, UK

Previous School: Pate’s Grammar School


Why Human, Social and Political Science?

This subject initially allowed me to keep my studies broad but now, in my 3rd year, I have specialised in Biological Anthropology. Many of my lecturers are experts in their respective fields and have accomplished some really inspiring things; aiding the World Health Organisation in the fight against poverty and helping to map and prevent the spread of global infectious diseases.

Why Cambridge?

I’d thought about applying to Cambridge since I was 16 and when I visited for the first time I fell in love with both the city and the faculty. The whole University is so accessible and integrated that it makes you feel at home wherever you are within it. The college system is also a highlight as you immediately feel like you belong when you first arrive – plus the Downing Porters are excellent value if you need cheering up!

Beyond the boat..

I enjoy working in some of the city’s smaller coffee shops – a particular favourite being Espresso Library where you can take your bike inside and hang it on the wall to keep it safe!


Rowing with CUWBC has given me friends for life – when you completely put yourself on the line for someone and they do the same for you, something unique forms. I had never rowed before I came to University so it became a challenge to me to become as good as I could – CUWBC offers a place for you to thrive among similar people all driving each other on. Since starting I have fallen in love with the sport and especially rowing on the River Ouse in Ely – it’s beautiful (or at least that’s what I tell myself in the pitch black at 6am!)