Imogen Grant

College: Trinity

Year of Study: 3rd Year

Course: BA Medicine

Hometown: Cambridge, UK

Previous School: The Perse School for Girls (now named The Stephen Perse Foundation)


Why Medicine?

I’ve wanted to study medicine since I was 9. The thing I find most exciting about medicine is how we are still learning so much about how the human body works – we only recently began understanding epigenetics and ‘junk’ DNA. Who knows what other things there are to discover that could make a big difference in peoples’ lives?

Why Cambridge?

I grew up in Cambridge, and have gone to school here for my whole academic career. Some people seem to think that would make me want to study elsewhere for uni but it actually made me more sure I wanted to study here. I was able to witness the impact the university had on the city, as well as attend events in the colleges through school, meaning that I was sure that this was the best place for me. After all, I wanted to study at the best uni in the world, and the fact that it was on my doorstep wasn’t going to change that.

Beyond the boat..

One of my favourite things to do when not rowing (and also not studying) is to go and have lunch on one of the many areas of green around the city. Cambridge is full of gorgeous open spaces, and in autumn when there is a light breeze coupled with bright sunlight I can think of nothing better to do than spend a few hours sitting in the fellows garden playing frisbee or doing a crossword with my friends.


The girls at CUWBC are a group like no other. To be able to juggle 12 sessions a week with a full academic timetable you have to be a special sort of person, and there are so many of those at CUWBC. We’re all insanely competitive, but have unwavering support for one another at the same time.