Iona Casley

College: Gonville and Caius

Year of Study: 3rd Year

Course: BA Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic Studies

Hometown: London, UK

Previous School: Putney High School


Why Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic Studies?

Learning about the origins of our language and society really appealed to me. It’s amazing to see how cultures have changed over time and how this will continue to happen through increased migration and the amazing diversity of Britain.

Why Cambridge?

I love being in Cambridge because you are always around people who are passionate about what they do. It’s incredible that someone can get the same excitement out of the manufacture of pre-stressed concrete as another can get about the settlement of Iceland in the early Tenth Century.

Beyond the Boat…

I love reading on my window seat and over looking the busy Market Square.


CUWBC is a special community with such inspiring, kind and supportive people. When it’s minus three degrees at 5:45am, there are only a select number of people that would be able to make you smile and they are all at CUWBC.