Karolina Farr

College: Peterhouse

Year of Study: 1st Year

Course: MPhil Social and Developmental Psychology

Hometown: Karlsruhe, Germany

Previous School: Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium Karlsruhe

Previous University: Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz


Why Social and Developmental Psychology?

I am particularly interested in psychological changes that occur in a child’s development. My research at Cambridge is focused on the identification of physiological characteristics that can describe these psychological changes.

Why Cambridge?

I love the magic charm feeling of Cambridge and the amazing buildings. An added bonus is that the University is incredible and I love the richness of diverse cultures in the city.

Beyond the boat..

When I was younger I loved doing gymnastics but then I became too tall… I also love cooking and meeting up with my friends when I can.


I have been rowing since I was 15 but with a few years break due to injury, I started to row again seriously three years ago. CUWBC is great because the squad is so amazing and I am very proud to be a part of it.