Lucy Pike

College: Trinity Hall

Year of Study: 3rd Year

Course: BA Veterinary Medicine

Hometown: Lower Chute, UK

Previous School: South Wilts Grammar School


Why Veterinary Medicine?

I grew up surrounded by a variety of animals, cats, dogs, horses, chickens and ducks and so the idea of being a Vet stemmed from that! At the moment I’m enjoying the dissections as it’s great to get involved rather than just watching the lecturers do it like in school.

Why Cambridge?

I love the fact that in Cambridge everything is built around the river. I am a big fan of water birds especially ducks as we had a duck called Fred when I was growing up so they remind me of him!

Beyond the boat..

I love reading and often take the opportunity to read a chapter or two when I’m doing a session on the watt bike.


Being part of CUWBC has been an amazing experience. Through the highs and lows the girls never fail to brighten my mood. You spend so much time with the same people that you end up with friendships that last beyond the boat race. We support each other and it is has become essential for my everyday functioning – there is no way I would manage without my team mates.