Melissa Wilson

College: Lucy Cavendish

Year of Study: 1st Year Affiliate

Course: BA Law

Hometown: Edinburgh, UK

Previous School: Fettes College


Why Law?

I studied English as a first degree, but had always thought about a career in Law long-term. I love applying the close-reading we’d use in English to legal problems and becoming more aware of the different ways law impacts all of us day-to-day.

Why Cambridge?

Returning to Cambridge rather than doing the GDL in London let me match great teaching alongside continuing to train as part of a rowing team I loved being part of.

Beyond the boat..

I really like reading, walking, drawing, and writing letters to friends. Also I spend a lot of time trying to get through my textbooks!


I learnt to row at Caius college as a fresher – which was five years ago (horrifyingly!) Before that I tended to avoid sport as best I could, so training still has some feeling of novelty to it! At CUWBC I love the way everyone buys into the Boat-Race focus. Rather than fighting it out for individual goals everything ends up being about becoming as strong a team as possible.