Melody Swiers

College: Fitzwilliam

Year of Study: 2nd Year

Course: VetMB Veterinary Medicine

Hometown: Ripon, UK

Previous School: Ripon Grammar School


Why Veterinary Medicine?

I grew up on a farm in North Yorkshire and have therefore always been around animals. I liked science at school and I knew I wanted to do something medical. Becoming a Vet appealed to me because it is such a diverse profession with so many different opportunities.

Why Cambridge?

I love Cambridge as it is such a lively place filled with so many things to do other than your course. It’s also beautiful from the architecture in the centre of town to the leafy suburbs.

Beyond the boat..

I only started rowing last year when I joined university so before that I played Hockey at County level for North Yorkshire.


My parents have been amazing influences in my life and have helped me get to where I am but I thank my boyfriend for pushing me and believing in my ability to make the CUWBC squad – which I now have!