Myriam Goudet

College: Lucy Cavendish

Year of Study: 1st Year

Course: PhD in Plant Sciences

Hometown: Dijon, France

Previous School: Lycée Bellevue

Previous University(ies): Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse III, Imperial College London


Why Plant Sciences?

After my baccalaureat in France I was torn between studying history or natural sciences. The course that I have chosen tells the story of the evolution of plants and therefore now I am studying both history and biology!

Beyond the boat..

In my spare time I am planning my wedding! My sister made me an amazing wedding planner and I love filling it with all my ideas.


CUWBC is great as the range of ages and experience that people have allows for everyone to learn from other people. For example, as part of the French national rowing team, I like to share what I’ve learnt with some of the younger members of the team.