Paula Wulff

College: Churchill

Year of Study: 3rd Year

Course: BA Physical Natural Sciences

Hometown: Liverpool, UK

Previous School: Belvedere Academy


Why Physical Natural Sciences?

I have always enjoyed Physics due to the problem solving aspect of it and the huge range in scales it encompasses. Both the smallest particles and the largest systems can all be explained by ‘just a bit of maths’.

Why Cambridge?

I came to Cambridge because I knew that I would be challenged here and gain more than just a degree.

Beyond the boat..

Before University I played lots of different sports such as volleyball and badminton but nothing to a particularly high level.


I started rowing 2 years ago when I joined Cambridge for my college. I love the team aspect of the sport, it really motivated me to get up every morning – I wouldn’t want to let anyone down! I decided to trial for CUWBC because I knew that it would push me more than ever before. Also the spirit and ethos of the club really appealed to me – it’s like having another family!