Rebecca Abbott

College: Jesus

Year of Study: 3rd Year

Course: BA Mathematics

Hometown: Bristol, UK

Previous School: Backwell School


Why Mathematics?

I love problem solving and like the fact that there is always a correct answer in maths and there’s always a reason why that answer is the right one.

Why Cambridge?

When I came to Cambridge to look around I loved it – it’s not too big and all the amazing buildings make it so pretty. Of course the course at Cambridge was one of the best in the country and I wanted to be able to achieve all that I could in an environment where everyone works hard.

Beyond the boat..

At School I enjoyed most sports such as Athletics, Hockey and Swimming. I also love spending time with my friends and playing the piano.


I have been rowing for 2 years now and am looking forward to being part of CUWBC where there is a group of girls who aspire to the same goal and push each other to reach it.