Sally O’Brien

College: Peterhouse

Year of Study: 1st Year

Course: MPhil Energy Technologies

Hometown: Dublin, Ireland

Previous School: St. Louis High School, Rathmines

Previous University: Trinity College Dublin


Why Energy Technologies?

After growing a keen interest in renewable energy technology during my undergraduate degree at Trinity College, Dublin, doing a Masters in Energy Technologies seemed like the perfect choice. Meeting the current demand for sustainable and secure energy supplies is at the forefront of technology development and research. Technology continues to create logical, sustainable, solutions to using energy in the future and I want to be involved and contribute towards creating secure energy supplies.

Why Cambridge?

Cambridge to me has the ultimate package ā€“ a world-renowned university, exceptional boat club and a beautiful city to live and work in. I love being able to live the Cambridge student life ā€“ attending formals, taking part in college bumps, partying at May Balls as well as studying with some of the most intelligent people in the world.

Beyond the boat..

I used to play gaellic football from a young age and played at County level until age 15. In the summer, I love playing golf and have been playing since I was seven years old.

Rowing Experience

I have been rowing for the past nine years. I learnt how to row at Neptune Rowing Club in Dublin and became captain of Dublin University Ladies Rowing Club in the 2014/2015 season. Iā€™m really excited to start my next rowing adventure at CUWBC. Everyone already seems so friendly and welcoming and I look forward to making some amazing memories with these girls.