Tricia Smith

College: Christ’s

Year of Study: 4th Year

Course: BA & MSci Materials Science

Hometown: Gloucester, UK

Previous School: Pate’s Grammar School


Why Materials Science?

I chose this subject because it is diverse and ever evolving. It spans all aspects of science and engineering, which enables me to learn about topics such as nuclear materials, biomaterials, superconductors and ceramics. The thing that I enjoy most about the subject is that I can see the real world applications of every course I take.

Why Cambridge?

There was never a time where I wanted to study anywhere else other than Cambridge. My Grandfather and Mother had both studied biochemistry here and I wanted to do the same. Now I am actually here, I don’t regret the decision! I love that Cambridge is such a small city so you are never far from where you want to be. I can always gain comfort in the beautiful surroundings that Cambridge offers and I particularly like the collegiate system.


The most fulfilling part of rowing for CUWBC for me is the intense and lifelong friendships that form with the team mates with whom I experience this process.