Twm Stone

College: Christ’s

Year of Study: 3rd Year

Course: BA Mathematics

Hometown: York, UK

Previous School: Ripon Grammar School


Why Mathematics?

I’ve always liked the logical nature of maths and since sixth form I’ve particularly enjoyed being able to ‘prove’ or solve puzzles exactly using only a pen and paper. It had an elegance and simplicity that drew me in more than other sciences.

Why Cambridge?

I wanted to come to Cambridge to be at the best place to study Maths. Whilst I’ve been here though, I have discovered that it’s not all about academia and there’s so much going on beyond work. There are also so many people to meet who share the same interests as you and it is great to engage with them.

Beyond the Boat..

I am an avid mountaineer. This summer I did some particularly enjoyable ascents in the far north of Scandinavia. During term time I also like to play squash with my friends when I can and I also play the Piano and Violin.


I have been coxing for two years now, I began at my college at Christ’s and am now looking forward to being part of CUWBC, a team where everyone is focused to be the best they can be.