Data Protection

Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club

Data Protection Statement

October 2015

We are proud of our alumni and friends and want to stay in touch.

We have shared interest with the University and the Colleges in having a coordinated approach to all our alumni and supporters. This statement explains how CUWBC handles and uses data it collects. (The University and the Colleges also keep data and have their own data protection procedures).

To comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 (“the 1998 Act”), information must be collected and used fairly, stored safely and not disclosed to any unauthorised person.

The lawful and correct treatment of personal information is vital to successful operations and to maintaining confidence in CUWBC and the individuals with whom it deals. Therefore, CUWBC will, through appropriate management, apply strict controls and criteria to the collection, processing and use of information.


CUWBC records are used by the Club for alumni relations and fundraising purposes. These include publications, alumni services, appeals and marketing of alumni events such as The Henley Boat Races. Communications may be sent by post, telephone or, increasingly, via electronic means.

Most records contain contact details, crew information, College and subject, together with career information and other achievements. Contact and relationships with the Club since graduating and donations are also recorded.

In some cases other data is added: sensitive data that you provide for a specific purpose (for example, disability or lifestyle status for event management or updating your personal history), information about partners, financial and personal data from reputable public sources and references to your areas of interest and potential to support CUWBC.

Security and Controlled Data Sharing

All information is held and transmitted securely and (in addition to disclosure as permitted or required by law) may be disclosed on a considered and confidential basis to;

  • Cambridge University Development and Alumni Relations (CUDAR). (CUWBC works closely with CUDAR who assist the Club in processing charitable donations).
  • Cambridge in America, (the University’s affiliate office in the USA), alumni societies and volunteers.
  • The Colleges as per Alumni affiliation.

CUWBC also facilitates communication between individual alumni but, in doing so, does not release personal contact details without prior permission.


You are in control. If you have any queries, wish to restrict data processing or sharing, including use for marketing or do not want to be contacted by CUWBC, please inform the Senior Treasurer, Mary Hood at Please note that in order to ensure that you are not inadvertently contacted again, minimal information is retained; Name, College, subject, date of birth, matriculation date and graduation details.

We will publish any changes to this Data Protection Statement and, where appropriate, notify you via email.

Data Protection legislation requires us to check your preferences in respect of marketing by electronic means (for example, email and SMS messages). Please tick the relevant box below if you do not wish to receive electronic mail via the following means:

  • Events
  • Fundraising
  • Alumni Groups
  • Alumni Services (for example, merchandise)

If you leave a box blank, until informed otherwise, we will assume that you are happy to receive such material electronically. As most of our communications will be via email, if you tick a box you might not receive any notification of the excluded activity at all. Please note that The Lioness may still include references and details regarding upcoming events, services and fundraising.

CUWBC, October 2015.