Message From the President

The opportunities available, both on and off the water, by rowing for Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club, and training for the Boat Race, are extraordinary. In the past two years, my experiences have been some of the best of my life: I have developed as an athlete, academically, and in life as a result. Irrespective of your experience, I would encourage anyone with a passion for rowing to join CUWBC. I arrived at Cambridge having only rowed for a year, while others in the squad have rowed for their country. We all get the same support, coaching and guidance to improve, with the common goal of beating Oxford.

The trialling process is a commitment of months of sacrifice but with extreme rewards. You will find new limits in your training and have the opportunity to train and race in spectacular locations all over the World. Not to mention the squad of talented, like-minded athletes around you who will become some of your closest friends and provide inspiration through the toughest of training sessions and coldest days on the water.

During my two years of rowing at Cambridge, I have found that the immersive CUWBC community extends far beyond the current squad, into a passionate and supportive alumni base. It is an honour to represent this family of CUWBC members past and present as the president for the 2015/16 season. I am excited about the challenges of the coming year and extremely motivated to lead my squad to uphold the Club’s lead in total Boat Race victories.

Hannah Roberts

Hannah Roberts

President 2015 - 2016