Welcome Home!

Our alumnae play an important role in our club, from supporting the daily operations, sitting on volunteer committees, coaching, attending events, supporting the crews and by making appreciated gifts.  THANK YOU!

For all our alumnae, the time we spent on the river, in the gym or in a minibus to and from outings were the happiest. Friendships were made, friendships were tested and together we achieved things we might not have thought possible before we came to Cambridge and started rowing for CUWBC.

Over the past 90 years a determined and ambitious group of young women (and men) have represented Cambridge University and have been supported the club through each era. This support has been critical to the continued success, the current team could not perform as they do, without alumnae support. You are why we still exist!

We want you to feel connected to the Club today, whilst much has changed, much remains the same.


Whether as an ambassador, volunteer or donor, you could once again play an important role in helping your club, and young women just like you to achieve their potential and reach their goals – on and off the water.


Gather friends and family and join us for one of out Club events.  You will be sure of a warm welcome! Events List HERE


You still inspire our current team  Find out how you could play a more active role, sharing your experiences both rowing and professional. Contact us today HERE

Meet the Team

Come and visit us!  Meet the Coaches, watch the crews on the water in Ely or in the gym at Goldie.  Find out what has changed and what has stayed the same! Contact us HERE

Update Your Details

Contact our Brett (LWT ’87) and make sure we have your contact details

Make A Gift

Alumni play an important role providing funding for personnel, equipment,  travel, technology, facility enhancements and other needs of the club.  Make a Gift today to support the 2020 team TODAY

Alumnae Trips

Please contact Katie Klavenes if you would be interested in signing up to row in alumnae crews at various invitational regattas around the world.  Your days rowing in #LightBlue continue!