Felicity Rutland Hosts CUWBC Crews For 37 Years

Felicity Rutland with the 2016 Lightweight Eight during race week.

It is incredible to think Felicity has been a welcoming and generous crew landlady for 37 years!  Since 1981 CUWBC has been given a warm welcome to Riverside, our home from home for race week and more recently HWR.
We wanted to recognise and mark her incredible contribution to the club by presenting Honorary Membership to CUWBC and will be doing this on September 23rd during our Behind the Scenes event at Ely Boathouse.  Please leave your memories and comments below for us to share with Felicity!
Felicity is not just a supporter of CUWBC but of other volunteer roles supporting the university and the wider community.

“I often feel that I acquired a large number of additional daughters, some of whom I still see regularly. Now that my own children have moved on I also have CUWBC staying during Henley Women’s Regatta, and occasionally some of my ‘extra daughters’ stay for a few nights at other times as well. I was absolutely thrilled when the Blue Boat won the battle for parity with the men in 2014 and now races against Oxford on the Tideway, and although I had thought rather sadly that this meant the end of my landlady days, I was wrong, as the Lightweights – who still race in Henley – are now staying instead!”

Read the full Alumni Story here.

  • Nicola Mallett
    Posted at 19:38h, 06 September Reply

    Hi Felicity, so sorry i can’t come on 23 Sept. I was in Blondie in 1981 and while we didn’t stay with you, I remember coming to have a meal at your house. As I knew you from my childhood, I know what a wonderful place you provided for the blue boat to stay. much love Nikki Mallett (nee Hargreaves)

  • Sarah Winckless
    Posted at 06:51h, 07 September Reply

    Felicity – I am so sorry that I can’t join you in person to say thank you for what you’ve done for me personally and for the club also! I feel incredibly lucky with the continuing friendship I’ve made with you and your family through your generosity! During the 90’s and for my 3 boat races it made such a difference to know that we were made to feel so welcome and part of the extended Rutland clan. It allowed us to both relax and focus in equal measures.

    Thank you!!!

  • Kate grose
    Posted at 08:26h, 07 September Reply

    Dear Felicity

    I too am very sorry I can’t be in Ely on 23rd (we have a house full that week-end), and was very sorry not to see you at the Boat Race dinner as I was excited to see that I was sitting next to you, but sadly you couldn’t make it. Our 1984 boat race crew have such fond memories of our stay with you and Jim and the children, and being one of the “Row Row Girls” was a great privilege. I also came back a few times when Ron was coaching to have a “chat” with the crew the night before the race and was always made so welcome.
    Reading your piece, I realise that I had no idea that you worked full time, a factor which completely escaped me at the time in my youthful selfishness. I can’t imagine how you did it all. I was so sad to hear of Jim’s death, but delighted to also hear that you had decided to continue, as it would have been a disaster for CUW had you not! Thank you, and I hope to call by next time I am in Henley. I would love to hear what all your lot are up to now, 34 years on!

  • Lene Hansen
    Posted at 09:41h, 07 September Reply

    I hope that you have a wonderful day and feel all the love from all the crews that have been lucky enough to experience your wonderful hospitality, warmth and continuing kindness. Thoroughly deserved a million times over. I will be out of the country (with other rowers of course!) but wanted to say that staying with you is one of my most treasured memories of being a Blue (even with the crossed red-painted blades in the lawn.. Such fun times!). I shall never forget lolling around in our pyjamas, reading cards and playing with little ‘uns and being in such a peaceful and anticipatory place despite the many stresses on us at that time.. Thank you for providing that safe place.. Much love and thanks for 21 years of you and yours, Lene 1997 Blue

  • Ruth Allen
    Posted at 11:46h, 13 September Reply

    Dear Felicity,

    Amidst the anxiety, expectation and emotion of race week (Lightweights 2016), it was a pleasure and a comfort to be a guest in your home. Thank you for being such a generous, warm, and kind host. I hope you have a fantastic day with your Light Blue family on the 23rd.

    With love and thanks, Ruth.

  • Charlotte Monico
    Posted at 23:43h, 18 September Reply

    Dear Felicity

    I wish I could be present to toast you in person and thank you for your incredible kindness and generosity, but I”m away for a year traveling with my family (currently in Buenos Aires).

    The chance to live in your house for my boatrace in 1996 made such a difference to me and our crew. We were so comfortable, homely, and close to the river.

    The fact that so many lucky crews had the same experience as I did is truly amazing and I would just like to say a huge thank you!


  • Alison Mowbray
    Posted at 13:20h, 19 September Reply

    Dearest Felicity,
    Staying in your lovely home with your wonderful family was a highlight of my two Boat Race years. I remember you all with such fondness. I was lucky enough to stay with you when I had the chance to get to know Jim, and your real children were still young and around. Trying to brush the rats tales out of your wild daughter’s long blond hair was the best pre-race distraction therapy! Thanks so much from all of us for being the best Boat Race Mum. No Honorary membership was ever more deserved.
    Much Love, Alison xx

  • Pip Graham
    Posted at 20:03h, 23 September Reply

    Dear Felicity,

    Sincere and enduring thanks from the Blue Boats of 1992 and 1993. Chez Rutland, we received above and beyond hospitality and support for the crews and coxes. It`s all been said by others, but you really do deserve this honour and I wish you a memorable day on the 23rd.
    With warm wishes and fond memories,

    Pip Graham

  • Karen Wiemer
    Posted at 16:25h, 25 September Reply

    Dear Felicity,

    I was really hoping to make it to Ely on Sunday, but it was not to be. It was lovely to see you at HRR this year. Thank you for all your support for CUWBC over the years, especially for the three years I stayed at Riverway as part of the ’90, ’91 and ’93 crews. It was an amazing privilege to be able to stay so close to the river in such a lovely place. I remember lots of peace and quiet (expect for endless Whitney Houston in ’93; thanks, Pip!), loads of good luck cards arriving with the mail, Kate’s motivational visits and some truly outstanding puddings.

    With all good wishes,


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