BUSA Success!

BUSA Success!

Three golds, one silver and qualification for EUSA make this CUW’s most successful Championships yet…

CUWBC hit BUSA in style this year, with a total of seven events entered through the three days of the regatta.

First up was a four from this year’s Blondie crew. They raced well through the heat and semifinal, but were amongst some fast crews. Despite a hard row, they finished sixth in the final.

Helen Ralston entered in Championship singles on Saturday. She sculled very well to finish fourth in this notoriously tough event, an achievement made even more notable as she is a lightweight, so was conceding the extra weight that was so beneficial in the head wind conditions. Her result was faster than any other under 23 lightweight.

On Sunday, Jen Reid and Lucy Wordley, 5 and 6 from this year’s Blue boat, entered the Championship pairs. They drew the only other tough crew in the event, from Durham, in their heat, and rowed to a second position. This meant they had to go through the repechage. Unfortunately, with 500m to go, the unthinkable happened. Lucy’s oarlock came open, and the pair capsized. This was a real shame, as their margin on Durham was considerably closer in the heat than any other crew in the final.

Half of this year’s Lightweight crew entered a lightweight coxless four, a straight final. At 500m, the Cambridge girls were already twenty seconds ahead, and they drew ahead to beat their closest opposition by almost a minute, completely dominating the event.

All three crews on Monday comfortably won their heats, avoiding the extra hassle of going through the repechage. First up in the final was Helen Ralston, this time in Championship Lightweight Single Sculls. By this stage, there was a very strong headwind which prolonged the 2000m for over ten minutes. Helen sculled very well to hold off a sustained challenge from the Belfast girl, picking up silver behind ex-CUW rower, Mathilde Pauls (BB ’05), now rowing for Imperial.

Next up, in the rapidly worsening conditions, were the lightweight crew in Junior Eights, with a substitution of Kat Lange (Blondie stroke) for Lucy Rackley. Boating was suspended for half an hour while the announcers waited for a forecast. Eventually, the crews in their event were allowed to boat, and were escorted up the course by a flotilla of launches. They raced beautifully in the lumpy water and screaming headwind, their slick technique enabling them to leave all the heavyweight crews struggling in their wash. They beat the Osiris crew entered into third place.
Finally, after a significant delay, the Championship eight boated (this year’s Blue boat), racing against the Oxford Blue boat. In wind and waves that recapitulated those on April 1st, with the delay to match, the crew was well-prepared and rehearsed. They went down half a length off the start, but hit a powerful rhythm that carried them back through Durham and Oxford to a length up at 1000m, and drew away further through the rest of the race, enjoying, for the second time, the luxury of looking back at their Dark Blue rivals and proving once again that Cambridge had the faster crew. The win in this event means that the crew have been invited to join the British Universities Rowing Team to race at the European Universities Sports Association (EUSA) regatta, which is taking place at Banyoles, Spain in September.

Crew – Anita Davies, Erin Weber, Alice Wordley, Sarah Johnson, 
coxed by Ian Wright
Race:  172   W C 4+ F (WC4Cxd)
1 2 OXF()   OXFORD       03:52.2    05:49.8    7:46.05      0.00
2 4 SOU()   SOUTHAMPTON  03:54.2    05:52.1    7:47.61    +01.56
3 3 EDI()   EDINBURGH    04:01.9    06:05.5    8:09.94    +23.89
4 1 DUR()   DURHAM       04:05.4    06:12.6    8:17.56    +31.51
5 5 LON()   LONDON       04:09.0    06:15.9    8:19.84    +33.79
6 6 CAM()   CAMBRIDGE    04:07.4    06:15.5    8:22.32    +36.27
Helen Ralston
Race:  185   W C 1x F (WC1x)
1 3 LOU()   LOUGHBOROUGH 04:07.5    06:15.2    8:22.67      0.00
2 2 NOT()   NOTTINGHAM   04:11.6    06:19.9    8:26.23    +03.56
3 5 BAT()   BATH         04:12.5    06:21.5    8:29.16    +06.49
4 1 CAM()   CAMBRIDGE    04:19.3    06:31.6    8:40.68    +18.01
5 4 BEL()   BELFAST      04:22.0    06:35.4    8:50.16    +27.49
6 6 LON()   LONDON       04:28.7    06:46.0    9:00.93    +38.26
Crew – Jen Reid and Lucy Wordley
Race:  207   WC2- H2 (WC2)
1 1 DUR()   DURHAM       04:41.1    07:01.6    9:22.63      0.00
2 4 CAM()   CAMBRIDGE    04:46.4    07:09.9    9:31.41    +08.78
3 2 BAT()   BATH         04:56.6    07:25.8    9:50.65    +28.02
4 3 EDI()   EDINBURGH    05:15.2    07:51.7   10:26.46  +1:03.83
5 5 BIR()   BIRMINGHAM   05:26.5    08:01.4   10:35.72  +1:13.09

Crew – Claire Hansell, Tosin Farinre, Lucy Rackley, Fran Rawlins

Race:  231   W Lwt 4- (WLwt4x)
1 2 CAM()   CAMBRIDGE    04:46.4    07:34.8   10:01.09      0.00
2 3 BIR()   BIRMINGHAM   05:05.4    08:09.1   10:51.53    +50.44
3 1 UWE(A)  UWE          05:39.0    08:44.3   11:30.57  +1:29.48
Helen Ralston
Race:  464   WClw1x F (WClw1x)
1 4 IMP()   IMPERIAL     05:17.5    07:58.4   10:33.05      0.00
2 3 CAM()   CAMBRIDGE    05:29.7    08:11.8   10:47.31    +14.26
3 5 BEL()   BELFAST      05:34.6    08:14.8   10:47.54    +14.49
4 6 BRI()   BRISTOL      05:39.3    08:29.8   11:10.41    +37.36
5 1 ABD()   ABERDEEN     05:53.2    08:51.6   11:51.89  +1:18.84
6 2 EXE()   EXETER       06:09.0    09:13.0   12:21.21  +1:48.16
Crew – Sarah Rose, Jennifer Gulliver, Kat Lange, Tosin Farinre, Helen Ralston, Fran Rawlins, Claire Hansell, Lilie Weaver, coxed by Ellie Goodfield
Race:  474   W J 8 F (WJ8)
1 6 CAM(1)  CAMBRIDGE    04:00.2    06:02.2    8:06.11      0.00
2 5 NEW()   NEWCASTLE    04:05.2    06:09.6    8:16.95    +10.84
3 4 OXF()   OXFORD       04:06.2    06:14.1    8:23.22    +17.11
4 3 BIR()   BIRMINGHAM   04:17.7    06:30.8    8:44.69    +38.58
5 2 OXB(-)  OX BROOKES   04:30.4    06:44.3    9:00.59    +54.48
6 1 CAM(CH) CAMBRIDGE    04:40.8    07:05.8    9:33.86  +1:27.75
Crew – Anna Simpson, Sonia Bracegirdle, Elselijn Kingma, Rachael Jefferies, Jen Reid, Lucy Wordley, Hannah Stratford, Guen Bradbury, coxed by Jimmy Appleton  Race:  476   W Ch 8 F (WC8)
1 4 CAM()   CAMBRIDGE    03:44.8    05:39.0    7:34.16      0.00
2 6 OXF()   OXFORD       03:47.4    05:46.1    7:42.34    +08.18
3 5 DUR()   DURHAM       03:49.0    05:49.1    7:49.09    +14.93
4 3 OXB()   OX BROOK     04:00.5    06:03.6    8:04.91    +30.75
5 2 LON()   LONDON       04:06.5    06:10.0    8:12.93    +38.77
6 1 SOU()   SOUTHAMPTON  04:12.5    06:16.8    8:17.38    +43.22
Guen Bradbury
Article from Cambridge Evening News, 14th May 2007.

"Awesome Light Blues sink Oxford once more

CAMBRIDGE University women were triumphant in the British University Sports Association Rowing Regatta at Nottingham.

Fresh from their success in the Women's Boat Race, the Light Blues were looking to repeat the feat against their Oxford rivals and prove themselves on the national scene.

In the championship eights event, Cambridge comfortably won their heat to progress to the final.

By the time of the final, the wind had whipped up to make the 2,000m course rough and reminiscent of the conditions at Henley on Boat Race day.

But by the 500m mark, Cambridge were ahead of the pack of five, which featured arch-rivals Oxford, Durham, Southampton, London and Oxford Brookes.

At the halfway point, they had opened up clear water on their nearest competitors, Oxford and Durham, and they continued to pull away to finish two-and-a-quarter lengths ahead of Oxford.

The Light Blues have now been invited to join the British Universities team to race at the European Universities Sports Association Regatta on Lake Banyoles in Spain from September 6 to 8.

Cambridge's lightweight women's crew competed in the junior eights' category and secured the gold medal by a comfortable distance from Newcastle, with Oxford taking bronze.

Helen Ralston brought further success for the Light Blues with silver in the lightweight single sculls, and also finished fourth in the open weight singles, behind members of the national heavyweight squad."

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