Rowing for Cambridge



We are delighted you are interested in rowing for Cambridge!


These pages will provide a brief insight into the Cambridge University Women & Lightweight family! We hope to highlight what makes our program so special and why everyone who is a part of our club, feels part of a bigger family.


You will be able to make the very most of your academic and sporting potential at Cambridge, becoming part of a life changing journey.  We promise you,

Academic excellence and the experience of a Lifetime


CUWBC has been racing Oxford since 1927, being part of the history and tradition of The Boat Races is life changing.


Our team is unique in The Boat Race because we have Openweight and Lightweight women and men training alongside each other.

We believe our unique make up is what makes us so successful on and off the water.

Take a look at where we train, where we row, meet our Coaches and members of our team and then just get in touch!



CUWBC’s base is Goldie Boathouse where all ergo training, weights sessions and tank work is carried out every afternoon after lectures in the week.


Our coaching and administrative team have office space here with Club meetings held in the impressive Captain’s Room.


Located 10 mins walk from the centre of Cambridge it is easily accessible from any college in Cambridge.



On the water, CUWBC train in Ely where our impressive new boathouse is located.


The Squad get the 5:55am train from Cambridge to row before lectures three mornings in the week and also row here from 7:30am at the weekends.


Nick Brooking

Director of Sport

“When I arrived at Cambridge I expected to meet some extraordinary people. What I hadn’t appreciated was just how many such people there are and this is exemplified at CUWBC. I have nothing but admiration for the students themselves as they commit to managing their time, physical and mental energy to put in the hours required to not only train and compete so intensely, but also to achieve their potential academically.


Working in sport we know that behind every good team is another team of, usually, less visible people. What I hadn’t realised initially was the breadth and depth of this team in CUWBC be they the professional staff or one of the many expert volunteers who all work to ensure the club flourishes and that the experience and support for the rowers is as good as it possibly can be.


I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to add my support to the whole team at CUWBC who work tirelessly to make the club a success.”

International Pathway

Do you aspire to represent your country? Then we are the club for you.


CUWBC has a proven track record of producing athletes with the caliber to go on to represent Team GB (not just in rowing!) Our coaching team has experience with working with athletes who wish to represent their country and will work with you to help achieve this.


Young women arrive at CUWBC with various levels of physical and mental performance. We know how to help you set goals, build mental resilience and develop physically. Most importantly our coaches ensure that whatever programme you are following, your academic studies do not suffer. We know the value of being a scholar athlete and want to facilitate your performance on and off the water.


Athletes wishing to trial for a National Team will be prepared alongside the Boat Races Programme and will attend National Selection races and camps to fulfil requirements.

Contact our Chief Coach – Robert Weber for more information.