CUWBC Club History


CUWBC alumnae Jane Kingsbury (BB ’72) and Carol Williams (BB ’71)  have been working as Club Historians for nearly 10 years.  They have dedicated hours quietly behind the scenes, gathering memories and collections from alumni and supporters around the globe.


In 2015 they published their work in a beautifully illustrated book, aptly titled,  “Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club 1941 – 2014: The struggle against inequality”. 

Share your Memories

If you have items you would like to share with Jane and Carol for their Archive, please do get in touch.

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Additional Historical Information

Further information which could not be included within the book can be found on the CUWBC  history website.

Jane and Carol’s website also contains a full set of historic crew lists dating back to 1941.

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The book is a fascinating insight into the people who have made CUWBC what it is today.  Jane and Carol have captured the essence of what has made CUWBC the formidable rowing club it has become. ORDER HERE