CUWBC Boat Race Crews 2009

CUWBC Boat Race Crews 2009

The President and Officers of CUWBC are pleased to announce the crews that will race Oxford at Henley-on-Thames on Sunday 22nd March 2009.

Blue Boat:

Bow: Fionnuala Ratcliffe+ Clare
2: Evgenia Ilyinskaya+ Darwin
3: Jennifer Burrows Magdalene
4: Susannah Cass Magdalene
5: Hermione Tuck Magdalene
6: Anna Railton Pembroke
7: Katie Cranleigh-Swash+ Queens’
Stroke: Harriet Eldred+ (President) Newnham
Cox: Stephanie Warrillow * Emmanuel


Bow: Anne O’Leary Downing
2: Elizabeth Polgreen Downing
3: Sarah Lilley Fitzwilliam
4: Rachel Smith Magdalene
5: Mary Bj√∂rkegren Christ’s
6: Jennifer Davenport# St Edmund’s
7: Sarah Allen# (Lightweight Captain) Peterhouse
Stroke: Edwina Surtees Christ’s
Cox: Jessica Temple Fitzwilliam


Bow: Stephanie Caird Clare
2: Eva-Maria Hempe St John’s
3: Katie Wood+ Girton
4: Nicola Pocock Clare
5: Laura Creek+ Pembroke
6: Rachel Croft+ Trinity
7: Joanne Gaston Caius
Stroke: Hayley Simmonds Newnham
Cox: Chris Burfiend+ Churchill


Helena Matthews Pembroke
Emma Smith St Edmund’s
Sabrina Stewart+ Caius
Christopher Williamson Churchill

* previous Blue
+ previous Blondie Colours
# previous Lightweight

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